Pricing THC

Ear Wax Removal

The cost of this service at the THC is £45 for one ear and £65 for both

If Ear Check and Advise only; £20

Hearing Tests

Initial consultation cost £60

Our in depth initial consultation is much more thorough and comprehensive than the free hearing tests offered by high street chains. The initial testing includes Video Otoscopy, Wax removal if necessary, Pure Tone Audiometry including AC, BC & Masking, Speech Discrimination Test if needed, full explanation of results, written quotation and commendations.

Tests include:
  •  Otoscopy
  •  Pure Tone Test
  •  Uncomfortable Loudness Levels
  •  Hearing Aid options discussed including Invisible Aids

Tinnitus Assessment

The Cost of Initial Consultation £120

  •  Detailed medical history
  •  Tinnitus profile assessed
  •  Audiological assessment
  •  Test results and treatment options

Experimental Treatment for Tinnitus
rTMS packages from £2995 [Onward Referral and T&C applied]

Balance Assessment

The cost of Initial consultation £120

  •  Full case history
  •  Eye reflex test.
  •  Positional tests including Dix-Hallpike.
  •  Epley Manouvre if needed