Hearing Assessment

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Living in a world filled with noise is both a blessing and an ordeal. Whether you enjoy the commotion of a big family gathering or the tranquility of nature, losing your hearing can create many challenges in your daily life and cause you to miss out on the beauty of various sounds.

At Trinity Hearing clinic Sheffield and Rotherham, we are committed to helping you live your life to the fullest and enjoy all of its wonders. We believe that every experience counts, whether it's listening to a beloved song from your teenage years, walking through the crisp leaves, or hearing the birds chirping in your garden. Therefore, we believe that waiting until you lose your hearing to seek treatment is unnecessary. With our hearing assessment, we can design a personalized treatment plan to help you and your loved ones make the most out of life.

Hearing Assessment

Being able to perceive various sounds is a gift, and having the ability to hear everything is truly a blessing. Conversely, when an individual is unable to hear properly, it can be a difficult and unfortunate situation for them. At THC, through our hearing assessment, we develop effective plans and tactics to help you and your loved ones make the most out of life.

 What is a Hearing Assessment?

If you are not experiencing any hearing difficulties, then sound waves enter your ear and cause your eardrum to vibrate. These vibrations transmit the waves further into your inner ear via the middle ear bones, where they stimulate the movements of hair cells like structures, generating neural signals. These signals pass through auditory nerve cells to deliver sound information to your brain, which then interprets them as the sounds you hear. During hearing assessments at THC, we measure the lowest sound level you can perceive.

 Pure tone testing

Pure tone testing is a test that measures hearing sensitivity by assessing both the peripheral and central auditory systems. This test helps to determine the ability to hear at different pitches or frequencies. As part of the test, patients are asked to raise their hands, press a button, or say 'yes' when they hear a sound.


Tympanometry test are used to evaluate the function and movement of the eardrum and middle ear. This examination can produce a graph called a tympanogram. It is particularly important for children who are suspected of having middle ear problems, but it is also occasionally administered to adults as part of a standard hearing test to establish whether middle ear issues are contributing to hearing loss.


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Benefits of Hearing Assessment

Are you checking your hearing assessment regularly? THC can help you with the best hearing assessment. Here are the benefits of examining it.

1. It is possible for you to improve your confidence.

2.    A blissful family relationships

3.    You can hear minute things

4.    Removing the uncertainty

5.    Quality of life is improved

6.    Amazing social relationships

Hearing is important for a positive outlook in public. Hearing loss is common in the UK, affecting both children and adults. Get a yearly hearing test even if you have no complaints. Don't compromise on your hearing health..