Ear Wax Removal

Trinity Hearing Clinic

 Ear Wax is produced by glands in the ear canal and play an important role in the natural defense to protect it from dirt and germs . The sticky and moist features of the Ear wax helps to trap foreign bodies and debris. Ear Wax usually falls out on its own, bringing debris with it rather like a natural cleaning system.

Ear Wax is most likely to block the ear canal when it is pushed into the ear-canal by cotton-buds, hearing aids, ear plugs and other objects that people put in their ears.  It can be caused also due to hairy or narrow ear canal.

The most recognizable symptom is partial loss of hearing but other symptoms include Earache, itching, sounds like high pitched ringing, Dizziness or ear infection. Ear Wax should only be removed by a trained professional like trinity Sheffield . There is no evidence that Ear wax can be removed by Ear Candles. 

If you feel there is ear wax builds-up, you might put 2 to 3 drops of olive oil in the ear canal which can help to soften the wax. Repeat the process twice a day and call us for an appointment. Procedures performed only by an experienced and registered audiologists.

Earwax removal by microsuction is done by ear vacuuming or ear wax removal by a microscope or loupe. The ear wax removal  is a safe, quick, and painless by the experts in Sheffield ,RotherhamDoncaster. During the earwax procedure, a professional uses a long thin nozzle that fits your ear to suction out the wax. The cost of our earwax removal is reasonable.

Procedures for appointment

At THC 30 minutes appointments that include ear wax removal in a 5 step approach:

  • .      The consent form and take your medical history
  • .      A complete ear examination
  • .      Earwax procedures
  • .      Post video otoscopy
  • .      Back to your general practitioner with detailed reports

 The audiologist will help you through the earwax removal to make you more comfortable. After the procedure, we will send you back to the general practitioner.

If we cannot clear the Ear wax in the first secession, we will offer another free appt to clear it.

If your issue is not ear wax, then firstly, you will pay no more than your initial consultation fee of £20. A referral advice will be given in place of your suctioning procedure.